Kissy Project App Is Here!!!

It’s taken many months and a lot of hard work but My App is finally here!

The Kissy Project app is a FREE DOWNLOAD pro-recovery app for teenagers with an eating disorder. I created the app after receiving many messages from girls asking me to give them tips for recovery. It is a tool to create a positive mindset, to believe in yourself and to discover your inner strength. Ever since choosing recovery, I have been writing in a recovery journal and challenging myself with little tasks.I love looking at motivational quotes, videos & songs. I really hope that this app will motivate and support you to do the same challenges that I did and believe that recovery is possible. 

The Features of the app:

Daily Quotes: Each day you will receive a new quote to inspire you during recovery!

Weekly Task: At the beginning of every week you will get assigned a weekly task! When you have completed a task you will receieve a butterfly on your tree of hope! The more tasks you do towards recovery the more colourful your tree will become.

Kissy’s Blog: You will have access to my blog at your finger tips so you can check whenever, wherever.

Help lines: If you need urgent help or someone to talk to about your eating disorder you will be able to contact a helpline at the touch of a button.

I made the choice to recover. I wante to live so I always say YES to life and I push myself to do things even when I don’t feel like it. Recovery takes time but you can get there if you make positive choices for yourself each day. The choice is in your hands but I hope that the app will be a great guide along the road to recovery.

I would like to thank the Jeroen Kraak & Laurence van Krieken of BestAppCompany ( for developping and sponsoring Kissy Project App. They took this project on board because they care and were very touched by my illness and recovery journey. 

Say YES to recovery and download my FREE KISSY PROJECT APP HERE

Quote of the day: “Lots of Little Steps make big dreams come true!”

xoxo Kissy




  1. Im so excited!

  2. I have been waiting on this for so long! Thank you so much xx <3

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